Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The ability to effectively detect, track and monitor objects of interest is critical to successful law enforcement operations.

Kestrel enhances any EO/IR turret system by automatically cueing operators in real time to objects of interest within the field of view. Operationally proven advanced computational and deep learning algorithms are optimised to search, detect and cue on small distant objects in EO and IR video to enable greater coverage and a faster, higher probability detection than other traditional methods.

Kestrel allows the operator to use a wider field of view enhancing situational awareness in tactical situations and quickly highlighting fringe movement in support of ground teams

Core Capabilities

Detect and track small and difficult to locate subjects in all terrain. Automatically detect all target types from people in the water to suspects running from a scene

Detect objects down to a few pixels enabling increased surveillance coverage

Adapt to ever changing environments and conditions providing multi-mission support. Click on a vehicle or person and observe a breadcrumb trail of where they came from.

Open architecture to interface to third-party systems including Tactical mission systems, Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) systems and Strategic ISR analytic systems

Operational and in service on 6 continents, Kestrel enhances the performance of EO/IR operations for law enforcement operations worldwide