With the rise of attacks on infrastructure assets such as gas and oil pipelines, insurgent activity in warzones and national security threats, the need to improve situational awareness and increase protection of military and commercial sites and borders, has steadily grown.

Panoptes Land is a ground–based surveillance system that automatically detects movement in electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) full motion video (FMV) imagery captured by platforms such as stationary vehicles and surveillance towers.

The system processes the real-time video feed from a stationary, panoramic or fixed camera. As the camera surveils the area of observation, Panoptes Land automatically detects moving objects in the camera’s field of view.

The software enhances ISR missions by:

  • Automatically detecting and cueing operators to small moving objects such as vehicles or people by indicating them on the viewing screen.
  • Detecting objects down to a few pixels, facilitating the efficient observation of larger surveillance areas.
  • Reliably detecting objects over long missions, thereby reducing potential operator fatigue that can result from continuous observation of surveillance video.

Panoptes in Africa.


Panoptes Land’s capability to detect moving and stationary objects at great distances allows for rapid response to emerging threats. It can be used for:

  • Border Protection
  • Forward Operations Base (FOB) Security
  • Industrial site Protection
  • Tactical Battlefield Surveillance
  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Overwatch of concealed enemy traffic routs
  • Sniping and counter-sniping operations
  • Threat detection form vehicle sensors