Kestrel Law Enforcement



For law enforcement professionals in the field, the ability to detect an object of interest and monitor its activities is critical for safety and mission execution.

Kestrel Law Enforcement is a software solution that automatically detects objects in EO/IR full motion video (FMV) from manned aircraft, helicopters or UAVs. Available in versions for land or maritime operations, it assists law enforcement officers in their airborne missions by:

  • Automatically detecting small moving objects such as cars or people and indicating them on the viewing screen
  • Detecting objects down to a few pixels in size, facilitating the effective surveillance of a larger area of interest
  • Reliably detecting objects over long missions, thereby reducing potential operator fatigue that can result from continuous observation of surveillance video

Kestrel Law Enforcement is an off-the-shelf application that by around-the-clock processing and disseminating video intelligence provides law enforcement officers real-time situational awareness
to make informed tactical decisions.



Small Object Detection
Automatic detection and indication of small moving objects on land, down to a few pixels in size, often too small for a fatigued human eye to see. Over water Kestrel detects small objects, such as fast boats or rubber rafts, against the changing maritime environment.

Detection Tracking
Visible history of object movements on hand, highlighting where detected objects have previously been in the image area.

Urban Environments
Kestrel is effective in handling complex urban environments yet still keep a hold on objects of interest being tracked.

Real-Time And Post-Mission Analytics
Ability to detect, track, record, review and disseminate information about object movements.

Geo-Location Data
Disseminating detection location information that enable operators to identify the exact location of an object or features in the image area. Plug And Play Standard Windows, off-the-shelf software with a low training cycle. Kestrel Law Enforcement is also available as an API for Windows and Linux that can be seamlessly imported into surveillance systems.


See Kestrel in action in a fast paced fictional terrorist scenario at the MLB All Star game:

“One Central Alpha, this is Henry One, we have a suspect van in sight and location marked. Location is 73rd Avenue at C street.” Kestrel picks up two police officers running across a footbridge towards 73rd.