Kestrel Exploitation



Working inside a tactical exploitation system, Kestrel Exploitation uses the foundations of Kestrel Land and Maritime to process imagery on the ground from multiple airborne platforms.

Kestrel Exploitation is embedded within a ground tactical exploitation solution. It automatically detects objects within the field of view of FMV from any airborne platform being processed by the exploitation system. Kestrel Exploitation assists decision making by;

  • Providing detection data to tactical maps and other client applications
  • Providing data to enable classification or interrogation of targets
  • Automatically optimising performance for FMV from different air vehicles




Small Object Detection

Kestrel detects moving objects on land, such as vehicles and people, often too small for fatigued human eyes to see. Over water Kestrel detects small objects, such as fast boats or rubber rafts, against the changing maritime environment. By increasing the probability of detection and reducing the rate of false alarms, it allows the operator to focus on detected objects more quickly. Kestrel’s digital zooming capability permits the operator to quickly investigate activities in more detail – zooming in on a specific object or location.

Breadcrumb Trails

Kestrel displays ‘breadcrumbs’ on land indicating where each detected object has previously been in the image area. This gives the operator a visible history of the objects movements. Kestrel uses key characteristics to predict their future path. This enables Kestrel to maintain Detection IDs and form consistent breadcrumb trails, even when the software is unable to track the objects due to poor visibility or if the object is obscured for a period of time whilst in the field of view.

Geo-location Data

Kestrel processes full motion video that contains geo-location meta-data compliant with STANAG 4609 and MISB 0601. It also inserts object detection data into output video streams for downstream applications.