The maritime environment is very demanding for aerial surveillance patrol. Radar is expensive and ineffective for detecting targets with low electronic signatures. Human surveillance is severely impacted by fatigued eyes which cannot remain alert for long periods of time and can easily miss targets. Severe environmental conditions, white caps, clouds and sun glare also contribute to the difficulties of the maritime environment.

Kestrel Maritime and ViDAR provide comprehensive solutions for ocean surface target detection in real-time from full motion aerial video.


Kestrel Maritime automatically detects objects in electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) aerial full motion video (FMV) from manned aircraft and UAVs. Kestrel Maritime enhances maritime patrol missions, Assisting operators and image analysts in:

  • Automatically detecting small and large objects on the ocean surface
  • Overcoming operator fatigue with persistent, consistent detection performance
  • Quickly transforming raw data into actionable intelligence

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Combining ultra high-definition optical sensors with onboard automation software, ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) is a light, compact optical equivalent of airborne radar.

  • Enables over 80 times maritime search coverage as compared with existing EO/IR sensors
  • Automatically detects, highlights and tracks sea surface contacts, including fast boats, small wooden or rubber vessels
  • Enables cross-cueing of other sensors for interrogation and classification

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