The Company

Sentient is a leading developer of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence software solutions for defence and civilian projects. Since 1999 Sentient has been specialising in imagery analysis, building practical software solutions that automatically detect and track moving objects. Actively used in the field of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), the solutions enhance situational awareness and support strategic decisions.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in the fields of computer vision, computer science and application development. We have developed a strong track record of leading-edge solutions for global high-technology defence, government and civil markets.


With a philosophy of significant ongoing investment in research and development, we are committed to setting new benchmarks in computer vision technology and maintaining clear leadership with our solutions around the world.

Innovation in areas including small target detection, maritime detection, and life jacket detection, enables our customers to greatly increase their situational awareness, intelligence analysis and lifesaving capabilities. Our technology has been refined through the Capability Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program of Australian Defence and extensively used in-theatre with a wide range of UAVs and manned aircraft platforms.

Further innovation in video MTI on ground systems has led to solutions for stationary vehicles and surveillance towers with future developments for maritime surveillance and search and rescue systems on vessels.

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